About Us

We are now located at 233 Locust Street, Columbia Pa.
Contact us at 717-413-5134

"I am not flexible at all.

My hamstrings are so tight I can't touch my toes.

I hate my body.

I have trouble staying present and focused.

My life is hectic and sometimes crazy!"

We feel that a lot of people could say the same thing about themselves!. This is why SWAY Yoga was created! We are here to help you slow down, focus and spend an amazing hour working on YOUR SELF. Your self meaning your body, mind and soul.

We encourage laughing (especially at yourself), questions and connecting with others. We strive to make every student feel that they are a part of the class. We make sure that individual instruction and modifications for poses are given whenever possible. Our goal is that you feel like a new person after every class. Refreshed and revived!

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 What To Expect

There is metered parking on Locust Street. You will have to plug the meters during your stay. You will not have to plug the meters after 5 pm. We recommend 75 cents just to be safe! 

Expect to be greeted with a happy face! We are honored that you are taking time out of your day to practice with us!

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch and move in. No fashion contests here!

Bring a yoga mat and a block. If you do not have one we have one at the studio for you.

The room is slightly heated for Vinyasa classes. This is for your safety! Warm muscles are safer to stretch and you will ultimately get more out of your practice (plus sweating is great for detoxification!).

We are committed to a clean environment. We know this is important to you and it is very important to us. 

We do touch students during our yoga classes. If you wish not to be touched you may express this upon your arrival. We are respectful of any wishes you have concerning this. 

A small massage with essential oils will be at the end of every class. Our little gift to you!

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