A variety of classes to choose from

Choose a more vigorous practice (Vinyasa) or a class tailored to detoxing your stress (Restorative). Maybe you've never tried yoga and are a little apprehensive? Then try a Gentle yoga class to start. Knee problems? Hip issues? No problem! Try Chair yoga and do a class supported by a chair.

Gentle/Slow/Hatha Style Flow

Slow / Hatha Style Flow: Great for beginners and for those who prefer less cardio style practice. Gentle, Slow Flow Yoga incorporates a focus on alignment with slow, fluid movements, held a little longer thoughout the thoughtfully curated sequences. We will focus mainly seated, floor poses and a few balance standing poses (maybe a 60/40 split). This class helps facilitate relaxation, mobility, strength, and flexibility without straining the muscles and joints. All levels are welcome in this calming, laid-back practice.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a smooth transition from pose to pose. We use the "backbone" of Baptiste Yoga and add various poses that the class calls for. Different levels of each pose are given to make this class accessible to most. This is more of a cardiovascular workout as we do many Sun Salutations to warm up.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a form of yoga that uses blocks, bolsters & blankets. Achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation! A Restorative practice is usually only 4-6 floor poses class. Each is held for approx 5-10 minutes allowing a few mini, yet deep meditations. 

Restorative yoga provides the ultimate experience to heal for both mind and body. It is often utilized by people who need to reduce stress and fatigue from their everyday lives. It can also aide in recovery from illness and injury, and is great in overcoming emotional depression and anxiety. All levels are welcome.